Montessori Plus School

Licensed, quality child care for ages 2 1/2 to 6 years old

Montessori Plus School

Licensed, quality child care for ages 2 1/2 to 6 years old

Our Philosophy

Based on the Montessori philosophy of education, we at Montessori Plus School strive to create a learning and stimulating environment for our children in which they are encouraged by our well-trained teachers and interns. Montessori Plus Schools’ ultimate goal is to see that our children meet their need for self-construction and development as a whole child.

The Montessori philosophy of education also integrates the Christian view of the child and the world based on Dr. Montessori’s own Christian world view. With this perspective as the core of our philosophy, the “Plus” in our name refers to the Christian approach to the Montessori way of learning.

About Us

Montessori Plus School is a place where the hand opens the mind. Children love to come to see our school and use all of the beautiful, brightly-colored learning materials, which are designed to meet their inner needs and desire to learn.

Not only can the children see the learning materials, but they may actually use them and teach themselves under the guidance of our trained Montessori teachers.

We believe that “whatever a child can do for themself, they should be allowed to do.” This means that the adult must observe the child and be ready to allow them to try to "do it themself.” When the child discovers that they can do it, their wonderful independence and self-confidence will grow and develop.

Over the past four decades in Kent, WA our teachers have “assisted” hundreds of young children to reach toward their full potential. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which children are treated with deep respect and dignity in our mixed-age classrooms.

When they are respected, children feel confident to choose their own work, concentrate for good lengths of time and enjoy learning.

At Montessori Plus School we are very fortunate to employ dedicated staff, teachers and interns from many countries, who are trained in Montessori philosophy and who embrace our vision.

Our Team

Yoonmi Kim

Certified Montessori Teacher

Jiyoon Jo

Certified Montessori Teacher

COVID Policies

Social Distancing Strategies

Touchless sign-in/out and separate entrance and exit points to reduce traffic. Masks are also currently required.

Drop Off
& Pick Up

Hand hygiene stations are set up at the entrance of the facility, so that children can clean their hands before they enter.

Screen Children Upon Arrival

Children who have a fever of 100.4 or above or other signs of illness should not be admitted to the facility.

Parents should be on the alert for signs of illness in their children and to keep them home when they are sick. Children will be screened upon arrival.

Clean and

We routinely clean, sanitize and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched.

All cleaning materials are kept secure and out of reach of children and are not used near children.

Healthy Hand Hygiene Behavior

Children and staff wash hands multiple times a day with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

If children's hands are not visibly dirty, alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol are used.


CDC’s website contains a variety of resources for child care programs and K-12 schools, including detailed guidance, considerations for closures and frequently asked questions for administrators, teachers and parents.

We will provide each family with our detailed health and safety information upon enrollment.


Contact Us!

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318 3rd Ave. S, Kent WA 98032
8am - 5:30pm, Monday to Friday
(253) 854-2880